Tips on Choosing the Right Ecommerce Business Portal

Don’t you know that a survey by Satista (an online survey group) reveals that more than one billion consumers purchased a particular item over the internet? Yes, this is a fact and this is already reaching 40% of online users. Aside from sharing to the percentage, the aim of the entire ecommerce industry is to provide the most excellent portal for businesses which turn their interest in the digital marketing media. If you are an entrepreneur who is in search of the right ecommerce business portal, here are some tips that you cannot afford to miss. Check them out and see how your venture will become more productive over the internet.


1.Choose an ecommerce portal that runs shopping ads on the Google Adwords

Shopping ads/campaigns have been proven very effective than the usual search campaigns. This is greatly attributed to the truth that online visitors are given convenient opportunity to compare item costs instantly on the very page of a shopping campaign. This also enables the display of the product’s images. A feature such as this creates a better impression to the potential buyers.


A shopping ad only requires a feed so that it could run its campaign on each item of the ecommerce. This allows the owner to save lots of time for setup. Additionally, this enables a quick find for items that are potentially profitable. Shopping ads are primarily designed to be maintained and managed easily. This is the reason why it becomes a preferable marketing facility in the ecommerce field.

2.  Choose an ecommerce portal that conducts a comprehensive and up-to-date price research

Benefits of a Customised Ecommerce Portal in Your Business

Whether one likes it or not, pricing really makes a difference in a particular enterprise. Therefore, it will be best to pair with a business portal that offers a successful pricing strategy. The more a product is price-sensitive for the consumers, the greater will be the chances for their purchase. An ecommerce partner must be the one that conducts a weekly research on the suitable costing of the particular items. This ensures that a product owner keeps track of the current prices in the market.

3. Choose an ecommerce portal that allows efficient mobile traffic

There is no denying that mobile traffic has been steadily growing. This is even less in cost than the usual desktop traffic. With this fact, an merchant needs to utilize a tool that enables users to check out pages, fill out forms, and do mobile purchases in the most efficient way. Bear in mind that, the easier the page processes are, the greater are the opportunities to increase sales. See to it that the portal asks for the necessary details only. It should also give idea to its users on how short will be their waiting time to purchase the product. In this manner, potential consumers do not get discouraged.


4. Choose an ecommerce portal that permits guest checkouts

Select the one that does not require consumers to have a registration before purchasing. It should actually be the other way around. A customer is a “guest” who needs to buy on the website. The offering of the registration should be done when the payment is finished. Guest checkouts allow breakthrough in the hindrances between the seller and new customers. Besides, there can still be ways to encourage the buyer to register such as shipment services, additional products, and other promos.

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