Tips on Choosing the Right Ecommerce Business Portal

Don’t you know that a survey by Satista (an online survey group) reveals that more than one billion consumers purchased a particular item over the internet? Yes, this is a fact and this is already reaching 40% of online users. Aside from sharing to the percentage, the aim of the entire ecommerce industry is to provide the most excellent portal for businesses which turn their interest in the digital marketing media. If you are an entrepreneur who is in search of the right ecommerce business portal, here are some tips that you cannot afford to miss. Check them out and see how your venture will become more productive over the internet.


1.Choose an ecommerce portal that runs shopping ads on the Google Adwords

Shopping ads/campaigns have been proven very effective than the usual search campaigns. This is greatly attributed to the truth that online visitors are given convenient opportunity to compare item costs instantly on the very page of a shopping campaign. This also enables the display of the product’s images. A feature such as this creates a better impression to the potential buyers.


A shopping ad only requires a feed so that it could run its campaign on each item of the ecommerce. This allows the owner to save lots of time for setup. Additionally, this enables a quick find for items that are potentially profitable. Shopping ads are primarily designed to be maintained and managed easily. This is the reason why it becomes a preferable marketing facility in the ecommerce field.

2.  Choose an ecommerce portal that conducts a comprehensive and up-to-date price research

Benefits of a Customised Ecommerce Portal in Your Business

Whether one likes it or not, pricing really makes a difference in a particular enterprise. Therefore, it will be best to pair with a business portal that offers a successful pricing strategy. The more a product is price-sensitive for the consumers, the greater will be the chances for their purchase. An ecommerce partner must be the one that conducts a weekly research on the suitable costing of the particular items. This ensures that a product owner keeps track of the current prices in the market.

3. Choose an ecommerce portal that allows efficient mobile traffic

There is no denying that mobile traffic has been steadily growing. This is even less in cost than the usual desktop traffic. With this fact, an merchant needs to utilize a tool that enables users to check out pages, fill out forms, and do mobile purchases in the most efficient way. Bear in mind that, the easier the page processes are, the greater are the opportunities to increase sales. See to it that the portal asks for the necessary details only. It should also give idea to its users on how short will be their waiting time to purchase the product. In this manner, potential consumers do not get discouraged.


4. Choose an ecommerce portal that permits guest checkouts

Select the one that does not require consumers to have a registration before purchasing. It should actually be the other way around. A customer is a “guest” who needs to buy on the website. The offering of the registration should be done when the payment is finished. Guest checkouts allow breakthrough in the hindrances between the seller and new customers. Besides, there can still be ways to encourage the buyer to register such as shipment services, additional products, and other promos.

refurbishing-businessSettling for a reliable ecommerce partner is indeed a big thing to consider as a businessman. While there are hundreds of them in online, Marginify ecommerce store will assure you of the top quality online business door.

ECommerce Basics to Start a Sustainable Business and Make Money Online

The internet is more than just being a tool to inform the world of what’s going on with your everyday life. It is true that it gives you this big opportunity to communicate to your loved ones. However, there is still other open doors that if gives to anyone. This is to do business and make money. Perhaps, you have also thought about it. The only hindrance is that how are you going to jumpstart your online business venture. You are in search of ideas and suggestions about it right? If so, read on and take note of the pointers that will be discussed below.

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1. Decide on the products that your ecommerce portal will sell 

Obviously, this comes first. What are you giving to the customers? Suggestions about a particular product will not be discussed, but the mechanics of setting up will be. Here are some of your important considerations.

  • Does your product intended for shipment?
  • Find a product by which you can compete with. However, make sure that you have a better offering in all aspects. Remember that no competition means no money as well.
  • When you talk about products, it does not necessarily refer to the physical items. Digital products like software apps and e-book are among the examples.
  • If you have a self-created product, you can buy and import one from websites at a favorable price.

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2. Create an eCommerce store

You cannot venture on the online selling unless you have a store. Today, finding an eCommerce store is not a very difficult task. There are hundreds of them over the internet. One of the most reliable service providers is Maginify. Once you have your online store name, a theme, the products, and have settled the accounts necessary, you are set to run and optimizing your store. This also means that you are expecting money at any moment.

3. Keep  track of your store’s progress

You do not just leave everything in vain after setting up your business. The only thing is that in an online enterprise, getting the feedback of the consumers is a bit more difficult thing as compared to a face-to-face trading. However, monitoring your own performance is very important. In this manner, you gain information on what are the strengths and weaknesses of your store, where is the source of your traffic, which countries visit your store, who are buying, and a whole lot more. Here are the following key areas where you will focus your statistics.

    • Conversion rate
    • Traffic sources
    • Unique visitors
    • Bounce rate
    • Map overlay
    • Product performance

4. Advertise your store

This is done in various ways. Yu may have a mix of paid and free advertising. Just make sure that it fits to your store.

5. Create your community

Your eCommerce portal should transcend the social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and many others. One way to get the social media community’s attention is through questions. Normally, visitors will try to provide answers, thus giving activity in your page. And then your store will be recognized, until such time that customers will be coming over.

Setting up an online business may not be as easy as it seems. However, with these suggestions, you can have a better start for your business portal.

Boost Up Your Business with Ecommerce Business Platform Marginify

Would you like to encourage more customers into your site and gain tremendous profit out of it? If you are in the business field, you would surely want to achieve the top ranking in your business category.    Your brand and your offered products will surely be renowned all over the world if this happens. In this matter, ecommerce can greatly help you in achieving your business purpose.

 Boosting the status of your business is one of your main aims aside from securing the convenience of your customers. You will be able to easily achieve this if you use or have a very optimum medium on reaching your target customers around the world. Internet and internet marketing is one of the best ways to do this.

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The Help of Internet Marketing 

 Millions of people will easily and quickly reach through the help of internet. This is why business has already entered and settled in this virtual space. Various products or even services are efficiently and effective promoted or advertised in order to encourage several potential buyers. These people surf the internet looking for sites who sell optimum products or services that they looked for. One of the vital promotional medium that you could employ is ecommerce (ecommerce store). 

eCommerce Business Portal

Ecommerce-Creating A Valuable Business Portal

 When you talk about efficiently promoting or endorsing products and services to people, the term ecommerce will always emerged. This builds a particularly vast business portal. Ecommerce is one of highly effectively and easy channel of trading services or products in online. Due to the popularity and demand of various people regarding this trading channel, ecommerce stores have been established.

Since several people don’t anymore like to experience hassles in purchasing their wanted products and needed services, they just prefer to surf online and look for the offered website in the first page of any search engines such as Google. That is why marketing your products as well as services online will enable your business to boost up. In this matter, you should need to depart from the traditional way of marketing and explore new technological and easy way of seeing it. Building your ecommerce store will enable you to build a numerous business portal. If you have built highly performing stores, you will be able to spread your encouraging product messages. Your profit as well as your whole business will surely be performs very well. If you are looking for ecommerce store creator, Marginify will willingly help you with it.

 Ecommerce Store Creator – Marginify

Reaching millions of your potential customers in just a second or minute is not anymore a fantasy these days. Through the existence of ecommerce store, you will surely have time working for your business success. In this matter, asking for the finest ecommerce store creator is definitely vital. Marginify will efficiently help you in boosting your business up to the top. Establishing your online store and reaching customers worldwide will very easy through them.

Optimize your business though ecommerce business platforms. In taking this beneficial step, Marginify will go with you.

Benefits of a Customised eCommerce Portal in Your Business

Today, the world of commerce is obviously brought to the digital world. This is the reason why there is the so-called eCommerce (electronic commerce). Because of this, it is understood that there is a necessity to come up with a fully integrated software solution that satisfies the online market. The answer is the customized eCommerce portal. This online tool can be both salable and functional for a user’s operation. If you are an entrepreneur, you probably wish to learn about the benefits that this kind of software has in stored for your business. Good news! You just found the right article to provide you such. Below are lists and a few explanations about them.

1. Fully customization eCommerce Portal

While there is a lot of ready-to-use eCommerce business software in the digital market now, many of them limit the user from modifying its display and some features. What if it does not fit in with the current demand of the customers? The business owner who has been using a particular tool will be obliged to get a new one just to make sure that everything is still fitting to the products he has and to the market he targets. This is not a very good idea because if you are the business owner, you may be spending for new solutions where in fact all that you actually need is few changes in your software. This is the beauty of a customized business portal digital app. You can have some modifications on it so that it will suit to the current demand off your clientele. If you want to edit sales-related options in your page, it happens the way you envision it in your most convenient time. When it seems that something in your template needs to be given a new face, then do it as you wished.

2. Product categorization

A customized Marginify eCommerce tool gives you the authority to categorize your items in your desired classifications. More than anyone else, you are perhaps the very person who knows your clients; therefore, it will be best if you will have the freedom to do the arrangement. In this way, both you and your customers will have an absolutely easy access to the aimed item or place on your page. Additionally, since you are the one who is knowledgeable to your personal categorization, being on track with your inventory will be a whole lot easier task. It also features a sub-category division. This means that you can have a more precise classification of your products depending on their brands, kinds, and other specifications. This is a great way to optimize the division of your items in their most suited categories. Aside from having the arrangement fully under your authority, this will also provide a more efficient navigation on particular locations. That adds up to the convenience.

3. Assured compatibility to search engines

Another benefit is that a customized eCommerce portal you have made is sure to be compatible to various search engines. This ensures that your store has a wider opportunity to online exposure. The greater online exposure your products have the greater population of customers will be viewing them and eventually buy them.

What eCommerce tool have you been using today? If you want a full maximization of your software, marginify eCommerce portal will definitely a huge help in your business.